In 1980, Nick and Kathy Mobilia – third generation owners of Mobilia Fruit Farms, began pressing grapes into juice for wineries in North East, Pennsylvania. It wasn’t until 1998 that Arrowhead Wine Cellars was established, after Nick saw the need to offer a product to consumers that he had full control over. With the knowledge and experience of processing grapes it was decided that Mobilia Fruit Farms would go the extra step and begin producing the wine on their own.

After all, they were already growing the different varieties of wine grapes and fruits that are now used in their fruit wines.

At Arrowhead Wine Cellars they have full control of the process from growing and pressing to the fermenting and bottling. Arrowhead Wine Cellars has been producing internationally recognized award-winning wines, with 32 varieties to choose from. Arrowhead uses the highest quality European, Native and hybrid grapes, most of which are grown on their 250 acre farm.

The winery is located on the picturesque shores of Lake Erie where Native American Tribes crafted precision arrowheads and thrived on fertile soil. The winery’s name was derived from the frequent discovery of arrowheads on many local grape farms, including Mobilia’s Fruit Farm.


Arrowhead Wine Cellars creates award winning wines year after year with the best European, native and French hybrid grapes and fruit available, which are grown on their 250-acre farm. What is it that makes their wine standout in a region full of vineyards and wineries? Lake Erie, rich soils, and a unique climate--taking a raw material and lovingly transforming it into a beautiful product that they love to bottle and share. Creating fine wines is all about the process and at Arrowhead Wine Cellars they see the process from growing to bottle, making sure it's the best wine from the vine.


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